A to Z


Acai Berry – Call forth your Amazon warrior with this tenacious berry balm
Aloha – A potent, exotic Hawaiian plumeria floral scent
Autumn – Cinnamon sticks, cider & mixed spices finished with woody Douglas fir finish



Bamboo – Green, fresh notes of bamboo create this herbal scent
Beach House – This scent captures the essence of sea air and sun drenched sands
Belle – Feel like the belle of the ball with this crimson berry blast fragrance
Berry Breeze – Bursting with the scent of fresh, just-picked berries, sweet and luscious with a smooth vanilla base
Birthday Cake – Bakery rich cake with sweet butter cream frosting scent
Black Cherry – Rich, mouth-watering black cherry fragrance
Blueberry – A classic tangy and sweet blueberry scent
Blue Raspberry – Chase the blues away with this sweet and tart fragrance
Bubblegum – Sweeten your day with this lip-smacking youthful scent



Chamomile – A  sweet, applelike, and herbaceous fragrance that soothes nervous tension and promotes sleep
Cherry Blossom – A delicate fresh Spring floral fragrance
Cinnamon Bun – A spicy honey sweet scent known to be the # 1 turn on for men
Citrus Mist – Wake up with this zesty, citrus scent that will delight your senses
Citrus & Calendula – A natural sap like fragrance blended with sweet orange oil
Coastal Mist – A bouquet of lily, rose and moss with hints of spring rain
Coconut Cream  – A delightful creamy coconut scent with nuances of sweet burnt sugar
Cotton Candy – A sugary sweet Italian lemon, strawberry and vanilla musky scent
Cranberry – A classic festive tart cranberry scent
Cranberry Peach Vanilla – A sweet, delicious melody of fruit and vanilla
Cucumber Melon – A clean cucumber scent mixed with subtly sweet flirty melon



Frosty – A crisp winter air type, with an ozonic top note of sparkling citrus and cassis, middle notes of eucalyptus and peppermint with a floral nuance, ending with woody pine and vanilla base-notes



Gardenia – A heavenly classic floral aroma known to calm agitation, anxiety & insomnia
Green Apple – Crisp and tangy just like a fragrant tart Granny Smith apple



Happy Man – Our best selling men’s fragrance, this scent is masculine, confident with refreshing floral and musk notes
Heaven Scent – A heady perfume of powdery floral fragrance
Holiday Bliss – A festive scent opening with notes of mulled citrus, followed by a spicy heart of cinnamon, cloves and a touch of star anise, and finishing with vanilla musk and woody notes
Honeydew Melon – This decadent melon scent will leave your skin cool and revived
Hydrangea – Feminine, delicate floral fragrance with a powdery finish



Jasmine – Seductive, classic scent perfect for a night out on the town
Juniper Berries – A delightful aroma of Apples & oak with a hint of true Juniper



Lavender – A classic best seller that promotes relaxation and improves sleep
Lavender Orange – A beautiful combination of soothing lavender and crisp orange
Lavender Vanilla –  A unique floral & sweet combination suggested by one of our customers
Lemongrass – Exotic lemon scent with earthy herbal undertones
Lilac and Lilies – A blissful fusion that eases anxiety and boosts your spirits
Lily of the Valley – Potent, heady floral aroma that is classic and mature
Luna – Unwind with this blend of relaxing sandalwood and comforting vanilla



Mistletoe – Pine scent with a top note of sweet berries and green apples
Moonlight – A manly blend of musky floral fragrances



Ocean Breeze – A clean marine scent with a hint of citrus and floral
Orange Creamsicle – A scent reminiscent of a favourite frozen treat, creamy & tangy
Orchid – Delicately scented with a complex combination of gardenia, rose, violet, ylang ylang with notes of mimosa, cinnamon, pine, musk and amber



Papaya – Tropical juicy papaya
Patchouli – Earthy and herbaceous with rich green heart and a woodsy base
Pearberry – A complex blend of pear, apple, peach, raspberry and melon
Peppermint Twist – Classic peppermint fragrance blended with a rich vanilla twist
Pink Sands – Hints of strawberry, grapefruit & vanilla make this scent a tween favourite
Plum & Pointsettia – A holiday fruity floral fragrance, with top-notes of plum, cranberries, orange, grapefruit, mulberry and cassis, followed by a floral heart of jasmine, gardenia and tea leaf, and finishing with a woody, earthy base-note
Pomegranate – A classic fresh fruity scent
Pumpkin Pie – A startlingly evocative scent, this classic pumpkin & cinnamon scent has been known to bewitch men



Rain Forest – Crisp, light, clean fragrance of pristine dewy mountain air
Rose -Sweet & delicate like pink roses blooming on a sunny day



Sangria – A burgundy citrus blend of sweet Concord grapes and Spartan apples
Santa’s Cookies – The scent of fresh baked sugar cookies
Saskatoon Berries – Sweet & tangy berry fragrance
Seaspray – Rose, orange blossom and jasmine fragrance with a light fruity marine scent
Serenity – Drift into calm with the warmth of coconut milk and ylang ylang
Sleeping Beauty – The soothing scent of sandalwood will lull you into sweet dreams
Sleigh Ride – Energizing eucalyptus, citrus, ozone floral scent with a hint of strawberry
Strawberry – A delectable sweet & tart juicy scent
Strawberry Daiquiri – Mix things up with this fresh twist of sweet strawberries and sparkling lime
Storm Watch – Bold wisteria, lilies and muguet fragrance with a light citrus fire and sweet rain scent
Sugar Plum – Get your wings fluttering with this sweet ruby plum scent with hints of white grape and black currants
Sun & Sand – Bring back memories of holidays on the beach with this warm scent
Sunrise – Start your day in a positive way with our uplifting orange and pineapple scent



Tangerine – This energizing citrus scent will lift your mood and get you moving 



Unscented – Enjoy the benefits of bath products without any fragrance



Vanilla – A classic sweet rich alluring vanilla fragrance
Violet – Delicately scented with hints of lilac, carnation, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose with a light musk and powdery base



Waterfall Mist – Water inspired ozone fragrance with notes of watercress, fresh grass, clean grapefruit and blonde wood
Watermelon – Fruity fresh sweet classic watermelon scent